About Trust Cellular

Established in 2011 in North Ga (Pendergrass Fleamarket aka La Vaquita) A young entrepreneur capitalized on a opportunity to provide excellent & honest service & products. Motivated by his will to succeed, he never said no. if he didn’t have it he’d order it. if he didn’t know it he’d learn it or find the best & get it done. Integrity & Honest is what my companies about. A Happy safe haven for wireless exploration. At Trust Cellular we love to help. We are authorized wireless dealers for Top brands like Verizon Prepaid, At&t Prepaid & Many more Here you can Buy, Sell, Trade, Finance, Accessorize or just Stop by to charge your phone or meet someone here for a deal (we can help with a bill-of-sale & check to make sure the device your buying is ready for clear for take off) I am believer in patience & understanding. There is always a solution at Trust Cellular! On-Site Master Technicians at your convenience 5 Days a week! Trust Cellular is consumer based service center designed to ensure you are having the best wireless experience possible from the best signals to the best protection, accessories & Solutions. Trust Cellular works with the best part manufacturers & Technicians in the industry. A special thanks to our partners!

Saad Tahir _CEO